• Product manufacturing and packaging
  • Microbiological and physicochemical analysis.
  • Preparation of registration documentation

About Us

ErgoPharma Ltd.

is a development and manufacturing enterprise, dedicated to production of high-quality food supplements.
We are based in Slovenia, a country where advanced technological solutions, investments in R&D and
widespread ecological awareness are firmly integrated in development and production strategies. This
environment facilitated the development of globally successful pharmaceutical and food supplement
ErgoPharma places a strong focus on innovation, efficiency and quality, guiding us in our daily efforts and
providing us with a competitive edge.


We specialize in manufacture of food supplements, based on powder and water, oil and suspensions, with four main product forms: hard gel capsules, liquids, sachets and canisters. Our service covers several stages of a product lifecycle, from raw ingredients to finished products, including analysis and documentation of the highest standard.

Product forms

  • hard gel capsules
  • liquids
  • sachets
  • canisters


  • Reviewing and purchasing raw materials
  • Process development
  • Product manufacturing and packaging
  • Physicochemical and microbiological analysis of raw materials and finished products
  • Preparation of registration documentation


Ergopharma - strict quality and safety regulations

Quality is the first priority at ErgoPharma. Our state-of-the-art equipment is housed within new manufacturing and storage spaces, designed specifically to follow strict quality and safety regulations.

The production process is constantly monitored and controlled, which ensures that clients receive full value and completely safe products.


ErgoPharma is a fast growing company, with frequent expansion in the production and development sectors. Currently, we publish all our open positions via ads on the platform MojeDelo.


We are opening a new production facility for the development and manufacturing of high-quality dietary supplements in Velenje in 2024.

We are assembling a new team and seeking candidates for various positions, including shift supervisor, technologist, warehouse operator, and many more.

For more details and applications please send your CV to zaposlitev@ergopharma.com